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3rd Annual U.S.-CHINA PHARMA™
Shrewd Strategies for Mining Profits from Pharma Opportunities in China

The engine driving healthcare expenditures in China is not only revving faster, it's speeding down the track. According to the latest report by McKinsey & Company, the Chinese market has already doubled, from $156 billion in 2006 to $357 billion in 2011. With market expectations for China's healthcare expenditures to top $1 trillion by 2020, it's no wonder U.S. pharma companies want to be in the driver's seat.


But the healthcare market in China cannot be steered in the direction of major profits by merely copying market strategies used in the U.S and elsewhere abroad. Indeed, it cannot be driven at all because the engine driving it is not for racing but for mining and the key to mining profits is knowing where and how to dig.

In this ground-breaking U.S.-CHINA PHARMA conference you'll learn how to identify where the profit potentials truly are, strategies on how to mine the profits from them, and methods to sustain profitable growth over the long-term. Join us for this two-day conference packed with everything you need to know from how-to shrewdly adapt to China's new healthcare system and protect and profit from intellectual property to profitably pricing and marketing brand, generic and biosimilar products.

     Groundbreaking program highlights includes:
  • Schedule private One-to-One meetings with hundred of potential partners. Use the powerful web-based partnering system to pre-arrange and manage the scheduling process.
  • Speed networking and private dinner with government officials, investors, and industry leaders.
  • 25+ leaders and experts sessions on the latest and most thought-provoking discussion with strategies to profit from Pharma opportunities in China.


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